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Miracle On Wheels

First of its kind in the world

Directed and Choreographed by GURU DR. SYED S PASHA (Recipient of National Award from President of India)

"Miracle on Wheels" is an experience beyond the ordinary. The spinning speed of the wheelchairs is faster than an accomplished ballet dancer's spins. These shows have captivated thousands, running into packed houses across the globe. Miracle on Wheels is the culmination of world famous and Guinness World Records performances like Bharatanatyam on Wheels, Yoga on Wheels, Martial Arts on Wheels, Bhagawad Gita on Wheels, Sufi Dance on Wheels and Vande Mataram on Wheels. The show will transport the audience to a different place, beyond the familiar world of television, Bollywood and Hollywood films and other such entertainment. Th‚Äče disabled artistes brilliant, innovative and aesthetically crafted dance-theatre performances are educative, motivating and entertaining.

About Dr. Syed S Pasha, Director and Choreographer of Miracle on Wheels:

Dr. Syed Sallauddin Pasha, received the National Award from the President of India for his three decades of pioneering wheelchair theatrical dance work for persons with disabilities. His innovative work has created socio-cultural equality and excellence in art & culture for disabled persons.

Ability Unlimited, the wheelchair dance theatre performances are internationally acclaimed and the dance troupe has found a mention in the Guinness World Records and Limca Book of Records. Their work has been showcased globally, from the House of Commons to the King and Queen of Malaysia, to Oman, Russia, Finland, Italy, Canada, UAE, and many other countries.

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Photos of the Cultural Programme

11th April, 2016, Hotel Pullman, New Delhi

General S. M. Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, The Hans Foundation; Mr. Javed Abidi, Global Chair, DPI; Dr. Syed S. Pasha, Director, Ability Unlimited; Dr. G.V. Rao, Executive Director, The Hans Foundation

Sufi Dance on wheels by Ability Unlimited

Bhagwad Geeta on wheels by Ability Unlimited

Bharatnatyam on wheels by Ability Unlimited

Ramayana on wheels by Ability Unlimited

Yoga on wheels by Ability Unlimited

National Anthem by Ability Unlimited

Group Photo